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Let's Make Earth A Better Place To Live In- Mission Rio+20

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The planet earth is begging some free, relaxed moments of our too busy day to day life. Why don’t we decide and accept it in this world Environment week. Peoples, closely watchful to deteriorating condition of earth, are turning the every possible stones to solve the problems that include Government bodies, United Nations and NGOs at different levels. Let’s pledge to make earth a better place to live in. To spread this message and create awareness among the public, WorldEnvironment Day (WED) 2012 is the right time to initiate solutions on environmental issues.

As we all know that entire world observes the World Environment Day or popularly known as Environmental Day every year on 5th day of June. The day is celebrated keeping the goal of promoting awareness about the issues related to environment and importance of preserving our ecosystem and biodiversity. Most important aspect of the day is to promote the all possible corrective steps to compensate the so far damage and to prevent the further damage in future.

Hence to make the world a better place, many countries across the world have enacted laws to fight against the raising environmental issues. The idea behind such awareness programmes is to use Environmental Day as a strong and effective platform in protecting the environment and finding solutions for a sustainable living.

Every year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) selects a theme to observe World Environment Day, which also draws the attention for the need for an effective ecosystem management. This year theme is “Green Economy”. The programmes share the ideas to tackle environmental challenges that include natural disasters, global warming and toxic substances, so a message to our industry players and enterprises to look after the issue of environment and to establish a green ecosystem within their enterprises.

The theme for World Environment Day 2012 is Green Economy: Does it include you? In this theme, there are two parts: first, emphasizes the subject of the Green Economy to draw the attention of the people. The UN Environment Programme explains the theme the 'Green Economy' as a call to people in reducing environmental risks and carbon.

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World Environment Day can play a vital role. So, let’s extend our full support to Environment Day 2012 to protect the forests, rivers and habitats and you know what we are gathering again to discuss the issues, to extend our supports, to work out plans, to spread and educate the people across the globe about this pivotal issue. This time at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for Global Environment conference  - on June 20, 2012.

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