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Your City Too Can Soak CO2

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Worming is big trouble for the entire world community, every one of us is in thought to tackle it anyway.moving for the same, we come to know the our cities even has good potential to soak the principle green house gas.In a major development Scientists recently offered a slender piece of good news about global warming, reporting that cities can be of surprising help in soaking up carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), the principal greenhouse gas.

At first listening it appears a huge surprise, that how the cities, which are blamed to be the major pollutent, hence worming contributor, can be a potential (Co 2) soaker. But truth is that only. Around 4% of the world's land surface is defined as urbanized, a figure expected to surge as the planet's human population rises from seven billion this year to as much as 9.5 billion by mid-century. But unlike forests, urban areas are absent in most calculations of "sinks" where vegetation soaks up CO 2 naturally thanks to photosynthesis.

A new study, though, says the contribution can be significant. British scientists carried out their survey on English city of Leicester. They measured the carbon-absorbing capacity of its parks, domestic gardens, abandoned industrial land, golf courses, school playing fields, road verges and river banks. They found that 231,000 tonnes of carbon were locked up this way, 10 times more than expected. It is roughly equal to the average annual emissions of over 150,000 saloo.

Any way this report brought a big relief to the entire climate worried & concerned world authorities, working on the behalf of entire human beings, infact to all of us.

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