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Banking With Green Technology

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A secure and potential step to appreciate enough by a Private bank ,based in Kerala, India. In response to the "Go Green " initiatives of the state the bank administration has decide to utilize the green technology and equipments to meet the energy requirement of the bank.
Catholic Syrian Bank(CSB) officials has not only decided to run their two branches completely through green energy and later expand it, but also decided to distribute 100 solar lamps to poor students and 50 hawker  lamps to street vendors.
By this initiative the CSB has shown its social corporate responsibility and also created a green model of business.It sends a clear message to all major national and international business houses to contribute in compensating the damages to the environment and the nature. Running a business in a green and eco-friendly manner is no way going to project any serious threat to any type of business.Robust green technologies are well tested enough to trust and utilized.
Some Amazing  facts  regarding green technology...An evolution in the field of energy.
1. Europe now relies more on renewable energy than coal, fuel oil and nuclear capacity, than in 2009.

2. Solar energy is now working in night at commercial level.A plant in Spain is capable enough to store the   solar energy for 7 hour supply. 
3. Portugal's electric production has taken a jump from  15% to 45% renewable energy.
4. PWC  has indicated that America and Africa can run completely on green energy by 2050.
5. Solar photovoltaic could account for 5% of global power demand by 2020, and up to 9% by 2030.

6. China built (roughly) one windmill an hour in 2009.
7. Our energy needs can be met by 95% renewable energy by 2050.

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