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Facebook Likes Renewable Energy

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In a gathering of political, academic, business leaders from across the world in Davos, Switzerland at World Economic Forum to discuss the positive development  with top agenda as Climate Change,facebook agrees with Greenpeace to give its thumbs up for renewable energy to run its vast data centers.
Facebook ,a suitable player with 500 million users round the globe and worth more than $50 billion to, carry the green messages and to spreads and educate the people with ease.Facebook with innovative technology and social media interaction can lead this green campaign and can become global business leader supporting the green models for business setting examples for others.
Randi Zuckerberg, marketing director of Facebook has given a message "Facebook Unfriend Coal" by the Kumi Naidoo The Executive director of Greenpeace International and urged that cooperation and leadership is required  from the co-operation like facebook.

If the facebook wants to be a real partner to this green campaign it should off  the coal power and Mark should not have any problem to accept it.
This how facebook can be a green partner.
1.Increase the green energy consumption and give support in its production .
2.Develop an  investment policy, keeping the climate change as the principle concerns.
3.Educate your users about green energy at national and International level.

And by this way our loving facebook can be a leader in this green campaign.

                                                   facebook enlighting others...!!

Ask Mark to accept this green campaign.

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